Semrush VS Similarweb In-Depth Analysis[2021]: Which Tool is better?

 Semrush is a Multi-Task marketing platform (included with 50+ tools).it gives you a better understanding of Advance SEO, keyword suggestion, web tracking, benchmarking, and reports.

On the other hand, Similarweb is an analytical tool that provides data and insights into digital traffic.

If you are confusing between Semrush and Similarweb which tools are better, you need to read this complete article.

Both Semrush and Similarweb tools are related to the same categories, but one is more accurate and gives deep information, so I am going to compare Semrush vs Similarweb.

So let’s start with who will win this battle

An Overview of Semrush

Semrush is All in one online marketing tool that helps to grow any online business with these amazing features SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing.

Semrush has more than 50+ marketing tools that will help to get the top ranking in SERP.

The main feature of semrush are:

  1. Semrush provides historical data insights for all users

  2. Semrush provides detailed traffic insight.

  3. it provides complete backlink analysis.

  4. it helps to complete an audit of any website.

  5. It provides users with tools that research organic and PPC keywords.

  6. Semrush provides Competitive Monitoring.

  7. Semrush provides its users with features like Social Media Tracking, Advertising research, Ad-sense assessment, etc.

An Overview Of Similarweb

Similarweb is all about Digital research intelligence, Digital Marketing Intelligence, Sales Intelligence, and Investor Intelligence.

The main feature of Similarweb are:

  1. Similarweb has a powerful keyword research tool that you can use to find target keywords.
  2. Similarweb also has some competitor analysis and benchmarking features.
  3. Similarweb provides a backlink analysis tool and provides comprehensive referral traffic analysis.
  4. Facilitates KPI tools and graphs.
  5. Similarweb provides the user tools to find out PPC keywords.
  6. It allows users to track traffic according to the marketing channel.

Semrush vs Similarweb: Quick Summary Box

Semrush is a Multi-Task marketing platform (included with 50+ tools).it gives you a better understanding of Advance SEO, keyword suggestion, web tracking, benchmarking, and reports.Similarweb is all about Digital research intelligence, Digital Marketing Intelligence, Sales Intelligence, and Investor Intelligence.


Semrush is a powerful keyword research tool.Complete website analytic tool
Semrush is offer free trials for all pro plans.Offer limited free access plan
Semsush is all solution for advance and local SEOPowerful keyword research tool
It provides add-on content and social media marketing toolsCell
Quick customer support.Cell


New user get more time to understand the user interfaceNo advanced SEO and content tool.
CellNo free trails provide.

Pricing Details

Semrush offers 3 standard plans & pricing based on the feature set along with a custom solution.

Semrush provide more transparent pricing plan with detail on the website

Similarweb, on the other hand, does not mention the price. Moreover, the free plan that it offers is practically useless as you would need to upgrade to a paid plan to actually explore its features.

semrush prices


Monthly Price

Pro +.Trends


Guru +.Trends


Business +.Trends


On the other hand, Similarweb pricing is not transparent at all. To know about Similarweb pricing, you will have to consult their sales team first.


Semrush vs. Similarweb: Features Comparison





Keyword overview



Keyword Research

Keyword search




Keyword sorting and comparison




Keyword lists




Website analytics and audit



On-Page and Technical SEO

Competitor benchmarking




SEO content template


Backlink analytics




Link building



Backlinks audit



Off-Page SEO

Bulk analysis



Position tracking










Listing management



Local SEO

Local rankings



Review management



Keyword research




Competitor research




Keyword grouping and management



Ad builder



Review management



Content ideas and topic research



Content audit and analytics



Market research and trends analysis



Content Marketing

Content Optimization



SEO writing assistant



Post tracking



On-demand content marketplace



Social media content optimization



Social Media Marketing

Social media management



Performance analysis and benchmarking



Free trial



Free plan



Payment and Plans

Money-back guarantee



Customized plan



Detailed Semrush Review

Detailed Semrush Review

SEO Features

Why every marketer love semrush is all about its accuracy and transparency of pricing plans.

Semrush covers SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing, at one place.

Here’s is quick overview of how Semrush’s keyword tool gives you ton wining keywords and keywords ideas


In this dashboard, you can get a detailed report on any particular keyword, including all relevant keyword data and keyword analysis. You can see metrics like volume, global volume, SERP features, keyword variations, etc.

Keyword Magic Tool

Keyword magic tools is enough for all your keyword resarch

You can find broad match, exact match, and phrase match keywords for paid search ads or simply get a list of all related keywords for SEO.

Market Explorer

Semrush market Explorer gives you detailed market research, including a list of leading competitors and their profit

margins, major consumer factors, customer demographics, and much more.

Traffic Analytics Tool

Semrush traffic analytics tools help to get insight and strategy research platform that calculates the mobile and desktop traffic of every website.

This tool helps you given a complete overview of any company’s online performance.

Mobile data

Having access to mobile data is crucial, especially now when we live in the world of mobile-first and when 66% of all site visits come from mobile devices.

Semrush gives access to mobile data to all users.

Conversely, Similarweb’s mobile data comes at a separate price and you have to purchase mobile databases on top of everything else.

Historical data

 Semrush’s historical data insights are available for all users – the data starts from April 2016.

Similarweb, however, differentiates between subscription types. While the tool offers data that goes back to 37 months, the basic plan only gives you a 12-month data coverage.

Geographical coverage

Similarweb includes data across 90 countries, they each come at a separate cost.

Semrush’s package has geo coverage for 190 countries and regions, and they are all included within any subscription.

Detailed Similarweb Review

Similarweb offers four main solutions—Digital Research Intelligence, Digital Marketing Intelligence, Sales Intelligence, and Investor Intelligence.

Here is some feature of Similarweb tool

1.Keyword Research

2.Competitive Analysis

3.Referral Research

4.Ad Creative Research and Media Buying

1.Keyword Research

Similarweb is a keyword research tools you can find keywords along with searches and competitiveness, can find out keywords related to your niche and business.

You can monitor your share of traffic for any particular keyword through the “Traffic Share Split” metric.

2. Competitive Analysis

Similarweb is also some competitor analysis and benchmarking features. It allows you to benchmark your traffic with competitors across various channels.

Similareweb helps you to identify competitor backlink or referral traffic and advertisement

3.Referral Research

Similarweb helps to analyze, and optimize your backlinks and affiliates. You can also conduct a referral traffic analysis for your competitors.

However, I have to say that SImilarweb cannot match some of the more advanced features that Semrush offers like a comprehensive backlink audit.

Still, it is a good tool for basic backlink analysis and optimization.

4. Ad Creative Research and Media Buying

This feature helps you benchmark the performance of your ad campaigns against that of your competitors.

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Its helps to find top-performing publishers and ad networks that you can use for your ad campaigns.


Frequently Asked Question – Semrush Vs Similarweb

Q1. Does the platform offer a free trial?

Yes, Semrush provides any of three plan for 7 days trial use my link to start your free trial.

Similarweb – No, but they do have a limited-access free plan.

Q2.How much does Semrush cost?

Semrush Pro plan costs you $119.95/month, Guru $429.95/month, and Business $649.95/month. Semrush.Trends is available for an additional $200/month.

How much does Similarweb cost?

Similarweb pricing varies according to your requirements and you have to contact their salesperson to know about their detailed pricing & plans.


Q3. Semrush vs Similarweb: which provides more accurate data?

Both the tools offer accurate and comprehensive web analytics data. However, Semrush provides more advanced SEO and analytics tools than Similarweb.

Final Thoughts

This is all about Semrush vs Similarweb from my end  features and capabilities.

according to my end Semrush is a great bargain as it offers more features, more data, a plethora of other digital marketing tools with transparent price.

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