How to Select Professional or Good Email Names for Yourself


Today I’m going to show you how you can select professional Or good email names for your personal or business use, Both for Business and Personal Use.

Email Addresses are so important when it comes to use it. As we know that email addresses are used for professional purposes like sending a proposal, sending a resume etc.


When we are making an email address then we have to make sure that we are making it right that sounds professional and good.

Some of people searching on the internet that cute names for email id but believe me that it is the biggest mistake.

When we are naming our email address, we have to make sure that everythings sounds good and when anyone is pronouncing it then they must not feel weired.

Let’s see how can we create a good email names for business or for personal use.

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Selecting a Professional or Good Email Names for Personal Use

Now, lets see how can we select an amazing email name, there are certain rules which you have to follow.


If you are using for personal purpose then there is might not need for custom email address like, this is not necessary for personal use.


You can use services like



These email services are absoultely free for personal use and you can create email id like or


Sounds Good,




Now, how to select the names what rules you must follow while creating a email ID.

Rules for Creating Good Email Names

Here are the rules,

Rule 1. Include Your First Name (Mandatory)

Yes, try to include your first name in email, for example 

But, if your name is too common then there is high chances that your name is already taken and that is why Rule 2 comes.

Rule 2. Use Surname in your Email Address

Now, you can choose your surname in your email id but because of culture and norms your surname might change in future so make sure that you think 10 Years later when you are creating your email address.


If your surname will not change in future then you can use your surname in email id.


For Example:


But there are high chances again that your name + surname might not available in gmail or outlook then follow Rule 3.

Rule 3. Use Dot in your Email Address (Optional)

Example: or


and Believe Me, still there are some people whose email id will be already taken then in that case follow the Rule 4.

Rule 4. Try Different Variation of First Name + Last Name

Now, this will work for everyone for sure, try different variation for your name.


Example are:

 Now when you are creating an username with different variation try to obey the Rule 5.

Rule 5. Keep this in Mind

Try to exclude Numbers or try not to use numbers

Make it easy to pronounce

Don’t use date of birth

Avoid Shortcuts

Avoid Nicknames

Avoid Religion Name

Following rule 5 will make your email address super professional believe me.


Follow this 5 Big Rules while creating an email address and then your Professional Email Address for Personal Use is Ready to Use.


Rule 6. Add Your Job Title or Function 

 Sometimes it is hard to come up with a combination that is not used on Gmail or Outlook. Another method of creating good email names is to add an abbreviated description of your job or title to your email address.


Here are a few examples using this rule:


This method should not be used unless the previous methods do not work.


Rule 7. Location, Location, Location – For Local Business Owners

 If your business focuses on a specific city, state, country, or region, you can add it to your name to give you more options. This is ideal for local service businesses who only serve a single town or city.


Examples of this technique:


Once again, this should only be used if you don’t find other options. It is a great way to separate yourself from other people with the same name but does make your email address longer than we prefer.


Rule 8. Don’t Forget Microsoft’s Other Domain Names

While your free account on Google is limited to, that is not true for a Microsoft account. You are not stuck with You can choose from any of these other domains to create good email names:


This option gives you a little better chance of being able to use your name without the other descriptors attached. Please keep in mind, these domain names are not as well known as business email addresses, so if you can use Gmail or Outlook, it is preferred.


Rule 9. Have you asked?

You might be surprised how many email addresses are no longer being used, or the owner doesn’t care if they keep it. Sometimes getting the perfect name is as simple as asking. 


Try sending a short email to the email address you would like to have. Ask them if they are still using it, or would be willing to transfer it to you for a low price. 


You may get told “No” but sometimes that simple question gives you the perfect email address for your business needs. 


This should be your last option because it is the least likely to work.


Selecting a Professional or Good Email Names for Business Use

When creating email for your business then try to follow some rules that are given.


When you are creating an email names for your business then I have already assumed that you have a domain for your business (Example:


Now you must create a custom email address for your business, if you want to know how to create a custom email address then click here.


Now, I’ve assumed that you know that how to create custom email address for your business,


You have already know how to create custom email address let me show you how to select good names for your business use.


Here are the Rules for selecting a custom email address

Rule 1. Use Different Emails for Different Team

First of all you have to create a email for your team like:



You have to select email address for your team, after creating distribute to your team for email management.


Rule 2. Use Personal Names for Any Person

For specific person like if, Mohan is your manager then you can create an email for mohan like or simply


I hope you understand that for any person in your team you can create a specific email address for them.


Rule 3. Use Specific Designation in Email for Special Person

In order to create good email names for your business you have to create emails for special person like CEO, Manager etc.





Now I hope you understand how to select an amazing good email names for your personal and business use.


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Concluding I can say that, creating email names is very important for your personal as well as business life.


You have learned that how you can create a good email names for your email address. I hope you understand.

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